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Walking Your Dog

October 1, 2021

It’s Walk Your Dog Week! We know, for plenty of you, it’s always Walk Your Dog Week. However, this time of year makes for perfect dog-walking weather. An Bennington, NE vet discusses walking your canine buddy in this article.


For most pups, daily walks are a must, simply for sanitary purposes. However, Fido will also benefit from the workout. Keeping fit is just as important for dogs as it is for us! Walks also give your pooch a change of scenery, which is great for him mentally and emotionally. Mental stimulation is another benefit. Your furry friend can actually pick up lots of information from sniffing grass and leaves. This is great for his mind!


Always put your four-legged pal’s safety first. Basic wellness care is one aspect of this. We recommend that all dogs be microchipped and kept current on vaccines and parasite control. If Fido hasn’t been fixed yet, you’ll want to see to this as well. Dogs are generally calmer and better behaved after they’ve been spayed or neutered. Also, be sure to get good, sturdy gear. You’ll want a leash that won’t break, and a comfortable collar or harness. Choose reflective ones, as they will be easier to spot at night.


Want to make dog-walking time go a bit more easily? Set aside a specific jacket or bag for it. Keep the pockets filled with necessities, such as waste baggies, treats, spare keys, a phone charger, and any personal safety items you want to bring along. You may also find it helpful to clip a carabiner onto Fido’s leash. That way, if you need to stop for something, you can clip him to a tree or post. (Note: you should never leave your canine pal unattended.)


Always keep safety in mind. Don’t let your furry companion get ahead of you, especially when approaching or crossing roads, parking lot entrances or exits, and driveways. If you are walking down a road, keep Fido to the outside. He has a shorter profile than you do. That will make him harder for drivers to spot, especially around curves. Finally, keep your ears peeled for things like horns, barking dogs, or brakes screeching. If you wear earbuds, don’t turn them up too loud.

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