Senior Pet Care


By the time most companion animals reach the age of 7, they are already considered to be a “senior citizen”. Just like humans, as pets age, their bodies change and their health care needs inevitably evolve. It’s important that we treat senior companions with extra care to extend and improve the quality of those later years as much as possible. Omaha Animal Medical Group offers specialized geriatric care to help manage the ongoing health of our senior patients.

Our senior health care services are designed to keep your aging loved one happy, healthy and fit as for as many years as possible. We achieve this goal through ongoing health screenings, nutrition and weight control, pain and disease management, and much more. Thanks to our convenient in-house laboratory and diagnostic equipment, we are able to perform on-site senior wellness exams and blood work for your pet. These things enable us to detect the presence of illness, injury and disease much earlier, which can vastly improve the prognosis and outcome. Early detection and treatment is also much more affordable than dealing with an age-related condition once it’s progressed.

In addition to our geriatric medical care, we are also able to assist senior pets who may be experiencing mobility issues. Just as aging can affect a human’s ability to get around comfortably and with ease, the same can happen to our four-legged family members. To that end, we offer a variety of therapeutic treatment options that can help keep your older pet limber, flexible and pain-free. This can dramatically improve the quality of life for your loved one.

You adore that old guy or gal, and so do we! Let us help your best friend enjoy those precious golden years in comfort and good health. Call today to schedule your pet’s next senior wellness visit.