Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine over the past few decades, our animal family members are enjoying longer, happier and more fulfilling lives. Because of this, however, older pets are also more susceptible to many of the illnesses and ailments commonly associated with old age, like heart disease. The good news is, with the right tools and technology we can identify and treat these conditions to improve the prognosis for your companion.

Omaha Animal Medical Group offers professional veterinary cardiology services to specifically address the heart health of our patients. We have access to advanced equipment, which we can use to evaluate your pet’s entire cardiovascular system. This testing allows us to diagnose a wide variety of medical concerns, many of which do not produce visible symptoms. This is why regular visits to the vet are so important. If caught early, most heart problems can be managed in a way that allows your pet to enjoy a normal, active life.

Should our testing uncover a heart problem that requires the further treatment of a veterinary cardiologist, we will gladly provide a referral. We’ll also work closely with any specialist we recommend to ensure that your companion receives consistent, quality care throughout the entire process. If you are concerned that your pet is experiencing a problem with his or her heart, don’t take chances. Contact the experienced professionals at Omaha Animal Medical Group to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.