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Tornado Preparation Tips For Pet Owners

May 1, 2023

May is Natural Disaster Pet Preparation Wek. While all and any natural disasters are terrifying, tornadoes are among the most deadly, in large part because they can pop up with little or no warning. An Omaha, NE veterinarian offers some pet preparedness advice below.

Keep Pets In

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure! Whenever weather forecasts even hint at the possibility of tornados, err on the side of caution and keep pets indoors. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice getting your pet into their carrier and/or your designated safe area. This can be helpful in a few ways: if you can get your furry pal to think of this area as a safe spot, you’ll have an easier time getting them there in a real emergency. (Tip: treats can be helpful here.) This can also help you identify things that could be an issue. For instance, if your cat hides beneath a king-sized bed, then you’ll know to close that bedroom door if there is weather coming, so Fluffy can’t get to that hard-to-reach hiding spot.


Everyone should have some sort of tornado emergency plan, regardless of whether that entails going into a storm shelter or retreating to an interior bathroom or closet. Include your four-legged friend in those plans!  

Emergency Kit

We recommend making an emergency kit for your furry bff. Include basic supplies, such as food, water, dishes, treats, litter and a litterbox, towels, and blankets. Add a few comfort items as well, like a soft toy or pet pheromones.

Crate Training

Crates can offer pets an extra level of security in storms, both by offering a barrier against flying debris and keeping them contained. Put the carrier beneath a sturdy table for extra protection.


We can’t stress enough how important it is for pets to have proper identification. ID tags and microchips are both crucial pieces of this puzzle. ID tags are still the simplest option, but they can fall off or be cut. Microchips provide a permanent but invisible link. (We can now add GPS-enabled tags and collars to this mix.)

Preventative Care

Keep your furry friend up-to-date on vaccinations and parasite control. After a storm, there may be many loose or displaced animals around, not to mention debris.

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