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Everyone at OAMG is absolutely fantastic! A team of caring staff who are friendly, compassionate, and amazing with animals, thank you all. – Pegg A.

Dr VanHorn and his entire team treat our pups like family. Their knowledge and expertise give us great peace of mind knowing they will configure the best treatment plan for them. Lisa F.

Friendly, professional staff. They take the time to really listen to you. I never feel rushed or like they are in a hurry. They are patient and extremely kind to our pets. Sarah B.

Everyone always gives OUTSTANDING care to, and for, Raiya! – Paul K.

Personalized care at every visit very flexible and knowledgeable. Margaret.

Been our vet for many of our fur family. Always kind & compassionate with their care. Takes time to explain what is going on & what needs to be done to correct health problem. Jessica.

Friendly, good at explaining questions in any easy to understand way, great with cats. Anonymous.

I have gone to Dr Van Horn for 20+ year and trust him implicitly. Anonymous.

Expert vet care, caring vet, caring staff. Peggy G.

the staff is great with my cat. Ian B.

Always able to make appointments that work for my schedule. Staff is wonderful. Anonymous.

Very kind and caring staff. Thanks for taking care of my fur baby!! Anonymous.

Everyone at your office has been very polite and helpful, and we have had wonderful results and care for our dogs. Sandra W.

Incredibly caring staff. Captain loves coming to the Vet office!
Lisa F.

Dr. Van Horn shows excellent care and concern for my pet. I know she is in good hands here. 
Cindy W.

I know that our dog will be safe and happy while he stays in your kennel! I absolutely love getting texts and pictures of our pet from the kennel staff. It really gives me a sense of comfort to hear from you while we are gone. Thank you for all that you do!! 
Sarah B.

Great people, and great care for my cat! 

Caring staff and clean facilities. 

Excellent vet care with warm friendly staff and ease of making appointments. 
Margaret G.

great service, friendly staff. 

Everyone in the office is friendly and always very helpful. They make me feel like family and my pets have been very well cared for. Dr. Van Horn is an excellent vet and takes time to explain the problem and the treatment so I can understand it. 
 Valerie D.

Very friendly, informative visit. You make it clear that you about my dog (almost as much as I do!) 
 Mike P.

Friendly and thorough appointments. 

Care of the pets. 

Friendly and dedicated service. 
 Denise C.

We trust you guys 100% with all of our animals. 

very friendly people! very gentle with my pets! 

All of my pets are in great hands at the Omaha Medical Group. The staff and Dr Van Horn are excellent! I’ve been going there for years…I’ve never had a reason to look for any other place. 

We’ve been bringing our dog Charlie to Dr. Van Horn since we adopted him. He is always treated with gentle care and love. We also receive reminders when he’s due to get vaccines or have an appointment to help us not forget to schedule. 

Dr VanHorn cares very much about his 4 legged patients and their masters. 

The staff has been outstanding to work with over the last 20 years. From our first dog, Blackie, to the pet rat my son won at school to our current dog Sammie, they have been kind, compassionate and excellent to work with. 

The friendliness of the staff. 

Quality of care and friendly service. 

A great place to take your pet. Dr. Van Horn is the best. He is caring, knowledgeable, and sensitive to your pets needs. His staff is also very caring as well. They make you feel welcome. 
  D.U. (Corky, Boo Boo)

The Dr was very good at explaining what was wrong and what to do for my dog,and everyone was very pleasant. 

Dr. Van Horn and his staff are very friendly and were able to fit us in their schedule very quickly! 

Dr. Van Horn was excellent. He has a wonderful personality and he really cares about each animal and the family. The customer service of his staff was great. I will go back anytime my Bonnie needs a check up. 

Dr. VanHorn and the entire staff at Omaha Animal Medical Group are absolutely the ultimate best! We’ve taken all our pets to them for many years, and will not even think of changing. They always go the extra mile for all their clients. We highly recommend them to everyone!! 

Dr Van Horn and staff take exceptional care of our dog and two cats! 

Always friendly and great service. Dr. VanHorn is the best. My dog Jax loves to see everyone 

They were great with my kitty. 

I like how the staff is so friendly and are not afraid to deal with a dog who is scared they take their time to let it get calm 

We are moving back to Omaha, did a google search found he clinic. Where so impressed. Got an appointment the next day. They were so friendly and careing, treated Sammi as their own and had so much time. They are the best. Barb S.

Everyone is so nice and friendly. Laurie G.

I really like Dr Van Horn and the staff. They are very efficient and pleasant to work with. Judy H.

Good customer service and explain everything well on what they were going to do to my animal. Steville B.

Staff was gentle & caring to my cat; and friendly & personable to me. Ellen N

I have faith and trust the vet and staff. Diane B.

I always feel like I get an “education” when I bring Izzy in. Dr Van Horn takes time to give me information about Izzy’s condition in terms that are relatable. I feel the staff in knowledgeable and I trust them to take great care of Izzy. Mary W.

Friendly and was able to get me right in when needed. Very knowledgeable staff and took the time to answer questions. Moose was made center of attention, which he loves. Rosie C.

good service… caring attitude. Darcie S.

The care was excellent, but more importantly, my dog’s conditions were explained to me so that I could understand clearly. The doctor also gave me a few options for treatment. Doug L.

Everyone is very caring and knowledgeable. I feel very very confident that my dogs are in good hands with Dr. Vanhorn. Anonymous.

Very caring group. Thank you all for taking good care of our Angel. Bridget.

staff is always friendly and truly care about their clients. Anonymous.

Love the service from the front door to the vet techs to Dr Van Horn. I do want to take a minute to share a story about Michael, one of the former vet techs and such a sad thing to happen. I remember when he’d help me and Sven and he would greet Sven sitting on his knees with his arms wide open and he’d let Sven lick him all over his face it was so cute. He was always so good with him. Bless him and his family and you guys. Thank you for all of the wonderful service! Laura A.

Buck Henry was scared to death today, but our Veterinarian Tech was AMAZING handling Buck and provided comfort to him so he wasn’t as scared! She was outstanding!! Dr. Van Horn was fabulous as well!! We love OAMG!!!! Joanie A.

Friendly and really care about the animals. Anonymous

We love this office! Our furry friends also love socializing with the staff. This is a group of highly trained persons who care deeply for their furry patients and their owners attached to them. Anonymous

Great care for my dog from entire staff; I never feel rushed, always feel time available to ask questions and get answers! Mary W.

friendly, caring staff! Nancy G.

How well our pet is treated and the insight provided as we are new pet owners. Daniel S.

Nobody pressured me into buying anything. The doctor was personable and I appreciated the exam and honest answers he gave me. Anonymous

I’ve never been to a vet before that explained everything happening to my dogs so thoroughly and patiently. I truely feel like my dogs and I are cared for. Heidi J.

Dr. Van Horn, Michael, and the rest of the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and do a great job taking care of our dogs. I couldn’t recommend them more!! Killie D.

Everyone at the office is caring and understanding, and they always remember us! Stephanie W.

Dr. VanHorn and the staff love pets (and people)! They know how to care for animals and want what is best for them. R.

You guys are the best. Our dogs are our most valuable friends. We wouldn’t trust them in the care of anyone else. We thank you for all you do. If you want the BEST care in Omaha, this is where you go! Anonymous

Dr. Van Horn and his staff are very friendly and informative. They always take the time to answer questions. K.B.

The staff was very knowledgable when it came to bringing Rex in the first time. Since we brought him in he as finally become a puppy i.e wanting to play, run around the house and even bark(sometimes not at the best hour of the morning haha) The nurses have been super receptive to any questions we’ve had. Rex is finally growing all his hair back after his encounter with Mange thanks to these people at Omaha animal medical group. S.R.

really helpful with my new kitten. I.

We have been taking our dogs to OAMG for many years and we recommend them to our family and friends every chance we get. Dr. Van Horn and the staff are very compassionate and professional and they really care about our pets and their well-being. We just moved quite a ways north and east but will continue with OAMG for vet and grooming needs. L.H.

Quality care from caring professionals. 

The staff was very friendly and provided excellent service. I would definitely return. 

I have been taking my Beagle, Simon to Dr. Van Horn and staff his whole life. I started going to him because I lived close to the office. I live all the way across town now and still would never go anywhere else. In my family our dogs are members of the family, not pets. Dr. Van Horn knows that and treats him as such. I never worry about the care he receives at this office. I not just highly recommend Dr. Van Horn, I ONLY recommend him. 

Individual attention that we receive every time we visit. It is obvious that every employee truly cares about our furry children as much as we do. 

I feel I can trust Dr. Van Horn to give my dog the best medical care. Also his staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Sharon B.

Quality and timely care. Do not like office charge for every visit. Robin M.

Very nice, professional and nurturing environment/ service. Diana L.

Friendly staff, honest answers. Norma D.

Dr. Van Horn is the best Vet in Omaha. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and takes time to listen too customer concerns. The staff is also very good. Darrel U.

Love the people who work here. Trust Dr. Van Horn completely. Christy is always friendly and positive. Diane M.

Because my pet and my family are always treated well when we visit. Anonymous.

Everyone there is pleasant, caring and professional. Jan B.

Yor are so great. Mary W.

Dr. Van Horn is an awesome, intelligent and caring vet and his staff are so welcoming, helpful and friendly. Anonymous.

So many reasons: Rod’s skill and advocacy for all of our pets, PLUS a professional, caring staff!! Lisa F.

I’ve always had the best care for each of my cats over the many years I’ve had pets. The staff is great as well as very informed about animal health and illnesses. Dr. Van Horn is also great and has a warm and calm personality that’s such and asset to both pets and owners. Omaha Animal Medical Group is a true asset for pet owners. Karen C.

Dr. Van Horn and staff have always treated my beagle Simon as part of the family. They are flexible and easy to schedule appointments, and are always happy to see us. He is the only vet in Omaha I recommend to anyone. Trent S.

We have gone to Dr. Van Horn for years. We have consistently been pleased with the service and expertise they provide. Anonymous

I trust OAMG. Anonymous

Great care and availability of appointments. Anonymous

Pets love to visit. Anonymous

The care Dr. Van Horn has given all our pets. Julie B.

We love OAMG and have both been bringing our pets here since childhood! We trust the staff to give our pets the best care! Carissa C.

They ALWAYS take the time to answer our questions. Show they care about our furry family. Thanks. Jane C.

Very helpful with letting me board my cat. Ian B.

You are as concerned about my babies as I am. Meghan W.

The people. They care about my girls. Anonymous

My daughter and son-in-law have had Dr. Van Horn as their vet for their dogs for years so I knew that my dog would be well taken care of also. That has been the case. Jeanne F.

10/10. How Dominic is treated. Diane

It was a great experience as a new pet and owner! Anonymous

Because of the way they treated my puppy. They seemed to genuinely care about him the instant they met him. M.R.

We have been taking our dogs to Dr. Van Horn to years and are so pleased with the care he has given all of our pets. One of our dogs had dental issues and Dr. Van Horn went to a seminar on dental health in pets to try to figure out what could be done to help our dog. Always a smile when you walk in the door and made to feel like they are glad to see you. B.M.

I wouldn’t trust my little Lulu to any other clinic, doctor or staff. OAM is the absolute best. They provide knowledgeable, caring service. K.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Answered all of questions honestly and were a great help! Anonymous

Since moving from Blair to Omaha I had been looking for a Vet and Dr Van Horn is a friend through Scouting so I thought I would give him a try. So far so good. Anonymous

My daughter and son-in-law have had Dr. Van Horn treat all of their dogs so when I got my puppy, I knew that Dr. Van Horn and his staff would provide the kind of medical care for my dog as he does for my family. 

The level of care and compassion shown by your team – for both the animals and their owners – is exceptional! 

We LOVE Dr. Van Horn and the OAMG staff! Vet tech Michael in particular is a huge hit with our mutt Daisy. He always shares a big happy greeting with her. Dr. Van Horn is attentive, thorough, and generally speaking, a funny and interesting person. He’s given both of our dogs exceptional care, whether they’re having routine check-ups or more serious health issues. Our pups never whine about going to the vet! 

You guys was open minded and willing to work with my dog zeke. You guys didn’t push us out the dog like the urgent care did on 144. Thanks much he back to his normal self  

Dr. Van Horn and his staff have faithfully cared for my pets for about 22 years and I have full confidence that they are treated well no matter the circumstance! If any thing should occur during boarding, I can trust them to take care of it. The staff is always courteous to me and kind to my pet-thanks!  

Most important reason stated for the above rating: You give GREAT care  

Everyone is very nice, friendly and kind to my pet and me  

Everyone was kind and patient with both us as per owners and Ripley so he was comfortable with the atmosphere