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Signs That Your Cat Is Controlling You

February 15, 2022
Cats are very interesting. These little furballs may be small, but they do have a way of wrapping us around their paws. Even though Fluffy is just ankle-high, she somehow manages to completely boss her humans around! Read on as an Omaha, NE vet lists some signs that your feline buddy is actually in control.

Trapped In Place

One of the best things about kitties is the fact that they can fit into our laps. Cats make great cuddle buddies! However, once Fluffy has settled in, you may find yourself reluctant to move her … especially if she’s comfy and purring.

Food On Demand

This is probably the biggest one. Many of our feline patients have their humans trained to feed them on demand. This is part of the reason there are so many obese cats out there! While we always advise keeping kitties at or near their ideal weight, we do have to admit that it can be hard to ignore a furball who is yelling at you to feed her right meow. Fluffy can be very good at convincing you that she’s starving … even if she did just have three breakfasts.

Bed Steal

Cats really aren’t very big, so it’s a bit of a mystery how they somehow manage to take up 95% of their humans’ beds.


We recommend keeping kitties indoors. This is mostly for their safety, but it’s good for other reasons as well. If you teach Fluffy that she can come and go at will, you may find yourself constantly letting her in or out. She may also occasionally make you open the door, just so she can check the weather and decide to stay in after all.

Custom Care

The things we’ve listed above are pretty well-known to anyone who has a cat. However, there’s also a very long list of individual ‘purrferences.’ Fluffy may drop her toy in your lap when she wants to play, or smack you with her paw if you don’t move over to make room in bed.


Do any of these sound familiar? At least you’re not alone. Judging by the amount of cat videos on the internet, Fluffy already has a pretty good portion of humanity under her paws! Do you have questions about your feline overlord’s health or care? Contact us, your Omaha, NE animal clinic, today!