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Senior Dog Care Tips

January 15, 2017

Is your canine buddy starting to go grey around the muzzle? Is Fido slowing down a bit, and perhaps becoming more interested in napping than playing? As your four-legged friend ages, his basic needs won’t change, but you may want to make some minor adjustments to his care regimen. A local Omaha, NE vet offers some great senior dog care tips in this article.

Good Food

Proper nutrition is very important! Make sure Fido is getting good, nourishing food. You may want to upgrade your pet’s dinnerware: many older dogs are more comfortable eating out of elevated dishes. Ask your vet for specific information, including serving sizes, suitable snacks, and supplement suggestions.

Veterinary Care

Your canine pal may need to see the vet a little more often as he ages. Regular, thorough exams will allow your vet to closely monitor your faithful pet’s health, allowing them to diagnose—and therefore treat—developing medical issues early on. In between appointments, keep up with your dog’s parasite control products, and watch for any signs of potential illness. If your pooch suffers from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other bone/joint issues, ask your vet about pain management options.

Comfy Bed

There are few things cuter than a senior dog peacefully snoring. Get Fido a good, orthopedic doggy bed, where he can relax and dream about chasing squirrels. If you have a large home, pamper your furry friend by giving him a few different beds. It’s always nice to have options!

Doggy Comforts

Keep your dog’s comfort in mind. Pet ramps or stairs; doggy clothes; and gentle massages are a few things that can keep Fido comfortable in his golden years. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Brushing Fido regularly will remove dead fur and dust from his coat, which will help keep him comfortable. Remember to trim your canine pal’s nails, too: overgrown claws can be very uncomfortable for dogs to walk on!

Love and Tail Wags

This is a special time in Fido’s life. Take time to enjoy it! You may find you really love taking a slow, relaxing walk with your furry best friend at the end of a long day. Dogs in their golden years often become very loving and affectionate, which makes them a sheer delight to be around.

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