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How to Care for a Scaredy Cat

March 15, 2016

Does your feline friend spend a lot of her time hiding under the bed or behind the couch? Does Fluffy bolt for cover at the sound of an unfamiliar voice? While some kitties are quite fearless, other furballs are very nervous and easily frightened. In this article, a Bennington, NE veterinarian offers advice on caring for a scaredy-cat.

Offer Safe Retreats

Make sure your bashful pet has plenty of safe hidey-holes to retreat to. These can be pet tents or kitty towers, or even a box or repurposed storage tote. Just make sure your timid feline has a place to run to in every room, in case she feels scared.

Veterinary Care

Cats often hide when they aren’t feeling well. Have your vet give your feline pal a complete exam. If your nervous furball gets the all-clear, then at least you know you have a shy cat on your hands, rather than a sick one.


Playing with your cat every day can be very beneficial for both of you. Fluffy will know you’re paying attention to her, and will feel loved. Chasing after that little catnip mouse can also burn off your furball’s excess energy, so she’ll be calmer and a bit tired afterwards. Plus, nailing that pounce-jump combination can help your timid pet feel more confident. As for you, well, playing with kitties is an adorable and fun way to relax!

Play By Fluffy’s Rules

Never force attention on a shy cat. If Fluffy doesn’t like being held, try not to pick her up unless you need to. Use treats and toys to tempt your furry pal to come to you, rather than approaching her. Also, never corner your kitty: she may become even more frightened if she feels she has nowhere to go, and could lash out defensively.

Let Fluffy Be Herself

Cats all have their own unique personalities. Some kitties will immediately hop onto a stranger’s lap, while others will make a beeline for their favorite hiding spot at the first sign of company. Fluffy may never become an outgoing social butterfly, but she may be quite happy just quietly hanging out with you while you watch TV.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health? Is your furry pal due for shots or an exam? Contact us, your local Bennington, NE animal clinic, anytime.