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Resolutions For Lazy Dogs

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! Our canine friends all have their own unique personalities. Some are furry, bouncing balls of mischief, who always want to run and play. Others are, well, cute couch potatoes. If your pooch falls into the latter category, he probably isn’t setting too many big goals for himself for this year. However, that doesn’t mean Fido has no plans. An Omaha, NE vet lists some resolutions for unmotivated pups in this article.

Score More Belly Rubs

Our canine companions are very obviously fond of belly rubs. Fido doesn’t mind ear scritches or forehead pats, either. Your pup may try to train you to provide attention to him on demand!


Fido may not be working his muscles as much as a more active dog would, but he’ll still get the occasional knot. Your four-legged buddy may try to gain flexibility by diligently stretching between naps.

Perfect Begging Skills

Fido has gotten very, very good at the sort of theatrics that often score him yummy treats. Even so, he may want to level up this year.

Car Rides

Our canine buddies love going on adventures. However, pups that aren’t very active may prefer being driven around, so they can take in the sights without exerting themselves. (Note: we recommend keeping Fido crated for travel.)

Get All The Treats

Lazy dogs are often a bit too fond of treats. We know, people love to spoil their four-legged friends this way. However, if you’re overfeeding Fido, he could become obese. That would be very bad for his health!

Soak Up Some Sun

Spring may seem far away now, but it’s really just a few months off. When it warms up, your furry bff will want to enjoy those warm temperatures, and toast his belly. Take Fido to some parks or trails this year!


No surprises here. Your pooch may try to sleep even more than he did last year. Or, Fido may want to try some new napping spots or positions. Make sure that he has a comfy bed to look adorable in!


Meditation is an ancient, time-tested practice. Many people swear by its calming and centering effects. Fido may give it a try … from his doggy bed.

All of us at Omaha Animal Medical Group, your Omaha, NE pet clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. Please feel free to contact us anytime.