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Reasons To Keep Your Cat Inside

January 15, 2022

Do you let your cat go outside? Have you just adopted a new kitty? While we know that many cats like the excitement and change of scenery the Great Outdoors offers, the truth is that our feline friends are much better off staying in! Read on as a local Omaha, NE veterinarian lists a few reasons for you to ground Fluffy.


Fluffy is a very capable hunter. However, unlike her larger cousins, such as lions and tigers, she’s definitely not at the top of your local food chain. Dogs, birds of prey, and even other kitties can all seriously injure—or even kill—domestic cats.

Local Wildlife

On the other paw, there’s also the fact that Fluffy herself can pose a serious threat to smaller animals. As it turns out, our adorable feline overlords are actually cold-hearted murderers. They kill billions of small animals every year, which adds strain to already-stressed wildlife populations. (Plus, most of you could probably do without finding your kitty’s ‘gifts’ on your porch or doorstep.)


While parasite control is still important for indoor cats, Fluffy is far more exposed when she is outdoors. Fleas, ticks, and worms can all carry dangerous viruses, and can make your furry bff very, very sick. Wild animals also pose a threat here.


Your feline pal’s pretty coat does provide her with some insulation, but it’s not enough to completely protect her from extreme temperatures. Extreme hot or cold is just as uncomfortable and dangerous for Fluffy as it is for you. In winter, plunging temperatures can pose serious threats to an adventurous little furball. Kitties are also susceptible to frostbite, particularly on their ears and tails. In summer, dehydration and heatstroke pose serious threats.


This is a big one. No matter what time of year it is, or how old your furry friend is, as soon as she sets her little paws outside, she’s at serious risk of danger from cars.


Chemicals are another concern. Antifreeze, for example, is extremely poisonous to kitties, but unfortunately has a taste they find appealing. Lawn/garden chemicals, paint, pesticides, and other toxins are also very dangerous. Fluffy can ingest these substances just by walking through a patch or puddle and then licking her paws or fur!

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