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Responding to Your Pet’s Weight Gain

March 15, 2017

Do you think your animal friend is looking a little too round recently? Nearly half of all pets carry more body fat than they should! You’ll need to take action to get your pet back to a healthy weight; learn how below from an Omaha, NE vet.

Visit the Vet

Before doing anything, set up an appointment at your veterinary hospital to have your pet examined by the professionals. Your vet can confirm, first of all, whether or not your animal companion is overweight. If he or she is, you’ll work together to come up with a tailored weight-loss plan that suits your pet’s particular needs.

Portion Control

One of the leading causes of obesity amongst our domesticated cats and dogs is simple overfeeding. Some pet owners even free-feed—leaving food out at all times for a pet to munch on as they please—which is a fast path toward obesity. In these cases, portion control is essential for getting your pet to drop the excess weight. Talk to your veterinarian to discover just how much food you should be providing your pet.

Diet Switch

If your pet receives a cheap food that contains a lot of “filler” material, they’re getting a lot of empty calories and not enough good nutrients. Your beloved companion should be eating a premium, well-balanced pet food that is specially formulated for their breed, age, and weight. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a great food choice for Fido or Fluffy.

Regular Exercise

There’s just no substitute for regular exercise when it comes to weight loss—this is true for both humans and pets! Ask your veterinarian about specific advice on exercise techniques for your four-legged friend. Most pets benefit from brisk walks, jogs in the backyard, and play sessions with a favorite toy. Getting your pet moving every day is the only way to burn calories and eventually lower their weight.

A Note on Treats

Try to use pet treats only for training purposes or as rewards for good behavior. If you find yourself giving your pet treats for no real reason, you’re only providing them with empty calories that may contribute to weight gain! Also take care to keep fatty table scraps to an absolute minimum.

Do you have more questions about your pet’s weight? Ready to start helping your companion drop those excess pounds? Call your Omaha, NE animal hospital today.