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Financial Agreement an Authorization for Treatment

It is our policy to provide you with an estimate of charges for any medical treatment, surgery or hospitalization that will be provided, if requested. A deposit may be required prior to treatment.

Payment Options

At Omaha Animal Medical Group, our mission is to deliver the finest, most cost-effective health care treatment available today. Following the diagnosis, the doctor will advise you of our plan for treatment. Additionally, we will discuss with you the cost of today’s and future treatments. Payment for today’s visit and your future visits are due at the time of treatment. We are sensitive to the fact some people may not be able to pay cash for their treatment(s), therefore, we offer several payment alternatives for your convenience.

  1. Cash or Check
  2. Mastercard, Via, Discover or American Express
  3. Pet Insurance Carrier: Please let us know if you have Pet Insurance or would like more
  4. Care Credit Monthly Payment Plan:
      For amounts from $200 & up
Promotional Period
(Estimated Payoff Period)
    6 Months
Amount Financed     Monthly Payment
$200     $34
$300     $50
$500     $84
$700     $117
$1,000     $167
$2,000     $334
$2,500     $417
$3,000     $500
$5,000     $834

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