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What to Do When Your Pet Needs to Take a Pill

September 15, 2017

It’s a near certainty that at some point or another in your pet’s life, they’ll have to take a pill of some kind. Of course, it’s not always as easy as it seems! Here, your Omaha, NE veterinary professional tells you about a few great ways to give your pet a pill.

Serve With Food

Ask your veterinarian if you can serve your pet’s pill with food. Often, this is the easiest way to get Fido or Fluffy to take their medication. Try putting the food into the center of a glob of wet pet food, into a soft treat, or wrapping it in a roll of deli meat—most pets will gobble up the morsel without ever realizing what was inside.

Crush or Grind

Some medications can be ground or crushed, then sprinkled over or stirred into your pet’s normal food. Always check with your veterinarian before doing this, though, as it can cause trouble. It’s possible that medication can be rendered ineffective when crushed, or—even more frightening—it may introduce an overdose of medicine to your pet’s system.

The Toss Trick

Do you own a dog who likes to catch treats as they’re tossed to him? This may be used to your advantage when it comes to administering pill medication. Toss your canine companion a treat or two, then the pill, then another treat. With any luck, your dog will be so thrilled to be receiving a stream of mid-air treats that he won’t even notice one wasn’t like the others!

Chewable Pills

Were you aware that some types of medications, as well as preventatives, multivitamins, and dietary supplements for pets, now come in chewable and/or flavored forms? They’re made to taste just like a dog treat or a scrap of meat, so most pets gobble them up happily. Ask your vet if your pet’s medicine happens to come in a chewable or flavored variety.

Manual Administration

Of course, if the above methods don’t work, you’ll have to administer the pill by hand. Gently pry open your pet’s jaws with one hand and place the pill far back on the tongue. Quickly close your pet’s jaws and massage the throat to stimulate swallowing. Be patient—this might take several attempts!

Need help administering a pill to your pet? We’re here for you. Call your Omaha, NE vet’s office today for further advice or to make an appointment.