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Kitty Work Qualifications

June 15, 2022

Take Your Cat To Work Day is June 20th! Of course, Fluffy may not seem like very good candidates for most jobs. Actually, she’d probably spend most of her time smacking pens onto the floor, before eventually getting fired for sleeping on the job. That said, kitties do have some rather interesting talents. An Omaha, NE vet lists some of them below.


Let’s start with the skill that first enamored us with these little furballs in the first place. Becoming Fluffy’s friend (or servant) was mutually beneficial to our ancestors. We got help with pest control, and our feline pals got food, water, treats, toys, lap space, and, eventually, cat furniture, catnip, and boxes. There are actually plenty of opportunities for our furry pals to shine in this field. Barns, farms, and many rural homes still find themselves dealing with rodents.


If Fluffy had a single purrpose in life, it may very well be to provide her human buddies with comfort and companionship. It’s probably safe to say that many of our feline patients have soothed their humans on bad days. Hugging a purring cat can be quite therapeutic!


To be fair, many of our animal companions are super entertaining. However, if we were to rank the funniest animals, Fluffy may very well end up at the top of the list. Our erratic feline friends have some pretty adorable quirks, such as their obsession with boxes, their sleeping habits, and their odd reaction to catnip. Actually, many cats already work very hard providing us with live-in comic relief.

Lap Warmer

Cats run a bit hotter than we do, which is definitely something that can come in handy on chilly nights. Fluffy’s favorite position ever may well be serving as a super cute, meowing heater.


Fluffy can provide valuable insight here. After all, she clearly has a very unique relationship with the laws of gravity! It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to discover that our feline overlords already understand not just string theory, but wormholes, teleportation, and, of course, mind control.


Kitties may look cute and innocent, but she has had a checkered past. Several cats have been involved in espionage and smuggling!

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