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Kids And Pets Day

April 15, 2022

April 26th is Kids and Pets Day! There are some wonderful advantages to growing up with pets. Pets can help teach kids about compassion, friendship, and empathy. They also serve as playmates, mentors, cuddle buddies, and guardians, not to mention napping buddies. In fact, some studies have shown that kids with pets even have stronger immune systems. There’s definitely a lot to celebrate there! A local Omaha, NE vet suggests some fun ways to honor this ‘pawesome’ occasion below.


No matter how young your kids are, it’s never too soon to teach them to be kind to our animal friends. Have a chat with your little one! Teach them more about different animals, and the various places they live. This is also a good time to go over some safety tips. Take time to explain why you should never approach or pet a strange or loose dog. You can also go over some of dogs’ and cats’ body language.

Day Trip

It’s great to see the businesses that were closed or limited during the pandemic happily welcoming customers back. Take a trip to a local zoo or animal sanctuary. In fact, one of the world’s top zoos—the Henry Doorly Zoo—is right here in our backyard. Seeing your child interacting with animals they wouldn’t see at home can really be very special.


Art is a wonderful way to teach children how to express themselves creatively. Have your little one draw or write something about animals. These could become precious mementos down the road!

Quality Time

Don’t forget the family pet! Toys are always a great way to brighten up a pet’s day. There are lots of great options for DIY toys your little one can make for your furred or feathered friend. A fun play session is also in order. A special snack would not be inappropriate, either. Just stick with safe options.

Photo Session

Kids and pets definitely take some super cute photos together. Whether you want to snap some candid shots, or go all-out and stage a real photo shoot, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Movie Time

At the end of the day, settle in with some snacks and a great animal-themed movie. There’s no shortage of great ones to choose from!

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