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Keeping A Bunny Cool

August 15, 2021

Summer is winding down, but the hot weather isn’t done with us yet. This is actually the hottest month of the year in many places. And while some of our animal companions love the heat, others prefer cooler temperatures. Bunnies definitely fall into the latter category! Read on as a local Omaha, NE vet offers some advice on keeping your pet rabbit cool and comfy.

Hide Box

Bunnies are prey animals by nature, so they instinctively try to retreat into hides and burrows when something frightens them. That’s why it’s important for your pet to have a good hide box. You may want to get one that will stay cooler in this weather.

Cold Treats

Who doesn’t love a cold snack when it’s hot out? Floppy can have some cold treats. Frozen fruit is bound to earn you some binkies! Just stick to safe, suitable options. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


You may want to consider getting a few extra water bottles. Freeze one overnight, and give Floppy that in addition to her regular water. The water will stay cold as the ice slowly melts.

Climate Control

We recommend that all bunnies live indoors, with their humans. Floppy is part of the family! Make sure that your pet’s cage isn’t in direct sunlight. On really hot days, you may need climate control in that room. You may even want to move your bunny into a cool room or basement.


It may seem like a good idea to mist your pet with water if she seems hot. Don’t do it! Bunny fur isn’t really well-suited to being wet. This actually opens your pet up to risk of developing flystrike, or botfly infestations.


Bunnies, as you may know, shed their entire coats at once, a few times a year. If your furry pal isn’t molting, she may be cooler with a haircut. This is particularly helpful with longhaired furballs, like Angoras. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Cooling The Bunny House

Bunnies enjoy having a cool spot to go to when it’s hot out. You can try freezing water in soda bottles, and putting them in your bunny’s cage. Or, keep some ceramic tile in the fridge or freezer, and give that to Floppy to relax on.

Do you want to learn more about bunny care? Contact us, your Bennington, NE animal clinic, today!