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How to Keep Your Cat From Getting Bored

September 1, 2017

Did you know that cats can get bored? While Fluffy may spend a rather excessive amount of time sleeping, she can’t snooze all the time. Read on as a local Omaha NE vet offers some tips on keeping your feline buddy entertained


Make sure your kitty has plenty of fun toys to play with. Cats all have their own tastes, so experiment a bit to find out if your furry friend prefers classic catnip mice, squeaky toys, or other playthings.


As far as Fluffy is concerned, the best cat toy around is you! While you definitely shouldn’t encourage your cat to pounce on your fingers or toes, you can—and should—take time to play with her every day. Kitties tend to like fixed schedules for naps, meals, grooming, more naps, and other feline activities, so try to schedule playtime for around the same time every night.


Your housecat may never hunt a bird or mouse in her life, but she’ll still be interested in watching small animals. Give Fluffy a comfy napping spot before a window with a good view. This will allow your furball to combine three of her favorite activities: napping, sunbathing, and birdwatching.

Vertical Space

Kitties like to climb to higher vantage spots, so they can get a good view of their kingdoms. Get some pet furniture that gives Fluffy a good vantage point, like a cat tower or wall-mounted pet furniture.

Kitty Garden

While cats are both safer and healthier living indoors, you can give Fluffy a little taste of nature by setting out pet safe plants for her to nibble on and hide behind. Check the ASPCA site for a full list.

Other Options

You may be surprised at how many ways there are to pamper your cat. You can order Fluffy DVDs made just for kitties, or get her an automated laser pointer, a robotic mouse, or a mechanical fish. You can even download apps for her to play on a tablet or computer! Of course, some cats will ignore these modern toys, and opt for batting an ice cube around the kitchen floor. Pay attention to your feline pal, and see what she likes best!

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