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Helping a Senior Cat Settle In

November 1, 2018

November is Adopt A Senior Cat Month! If you are considering giving a sweet kitty a good retirement home, you definitely have our support. Senior cats have a lot of love to give, and really make wonderful pets! Going to a new place is a big deal for a kitty, so you’ll want to take steps to make the transition easy for your feline friend. Read on for some great tips from a Bennington, NE vet on helping Fluffy settle in.


Keep your kitty’s age in mind when you go shopping. Older cats often have an easier time getting in and out of litterboxes with low sides. You may also want to pick up some pet ramps or stairs. Fluffy will still need some toys, but she won’t be as playful as a kitten, so don’t go too crazy buying playthings. If you get your furry pal some furniture, choose pieces that will be easy for her to get in and out of. Grooming supplies are also a must. Cats in their golden years sometimes have a hard time grooming their entire bodies, so you’ll need to give your pet a hand.

The Big Day

You may want to put your kitty’s things in a quiet back room, especially if you have other pets. This will give your furry buddy a safe, cozy place to relax and settle in. Keep a nightlight and a radio on in that room to make it more comfortable for Fluffy. If you have other animal companions, make introductions slowly, over the course of several days.

Veterinary Care

One of the first things on your to-do list should be a trip to the vet. Fluffy will most likely already be fixed, but she’ll need a nose-to-tail exam. You’ll also want to make sure your furball is microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations and parasite control products. While you’re there, get some advice on your cat’s diet and care needs.

Purr Activation

Some cats are very friendly, and will hop right into your lap. Others need more time to adjust and feel safe. If your kitty seems nervous, offer her lots of toys and treats to gain her trust. You’ll have that little motor going before you know it!

Please contact us, your local Bennington, NE vet clinic, anytime. We are dedicated to offering great veterinary care!