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Halloween Hazards For Dogs

October 15, 2021

Halloween is just around the corner! Many of our canine patients love this time of year. After all, Fido gets to run and play outdoors without getting too hot or having to run on hot surfaces. However, autumn can be dangerous for Man’s Best Friend. It’s important for pet owners to know what threats to be aware of. A local Omaha, NE vet lists some of the major ones below.


As you may know, chocolate is very toxic to dogs, and can be fatal at just one ounce per pound of Fido’s body weight. Many of those Halloween treats also contain things like raisins, nuts, and xylitol, which are also toxic to Fido. Hard candies and wrappers also present a choking hazard to playful pups. Keep those sweet treats in a spot your pet can’t reach.


Keep your canine companion in mind as you hang decorations. Anything small or sharp could be dangerous to him, as are items covered in paint, stain, or dye. Batteries and power cords are also a concern for some pooches. Of course, Fido may also be very scared of that mechanical alien or the cackling doormat!


Chemical ingestion is always a big concern around Halloween. Antifreeze is one of the more dangerous ones, as it’s extremely toxic to dogs. Poisonous plants and mushrooms are also prevalent at this time of year. Plus, many people treat their lawns and properties with pesticides and fertilizers. Your furry best friend only needs to walk through a puddle and then lick his paws to ingest these toxins.


The shorter days mean you’ll probably be walking Fido after dark quite a bit over the next few months. Make sure your four-legged buddy has a reflective leash and collar or harness, and wear clothes that will make you visible to drivers as well. It’s also best to stick to well-lit areas.


Unfortunately, Halloween is a prime opportunity for cruel pranks. If you have a fenced yard for Fido to play in, limit his outdoor time this week, especially after dark. Also, if you go to a park or on a trail, don’t let your furry buddy eat anything he may find on the ground. The Leave It command can be very helpful here. Better safe than sorry!

Happy Halloween! As your Omaha, NE animal hospital, we’re here for you! Call us anytime!