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Grooming A Guinea Pig

May 1, 2022

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? Guinea pigs are quite charming little pets. They’re a bit bigger than hamsters and gerbils, and do need a bit more care. Part of that includes grooming! A local Omaha, NE vet offers some advice on grooming your cavy in this article.


Your pint-sized pet will need regular nail trims. How often you give your furry friend peticures will depend in part on their age and health. Young cavies’ nails usually grow quicker than those of seniors. Good nutrition also plays a role, as will your pet’s lifestyle. As far as actually trimming the nails, you can use clippers made for kitties. You’ll need someone to hold your Guinea pig while you’re doing this. If you’ve never clipped a cavy’s claws before, ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques.


Like many other small pets, Guinea pigs have open-rooted teeth, which never stop growing. Your pet will need to wear them down by chewing. Otherwise, the little guy could develop some very painful dental issues. The good news here is that you don’t have to brush your pet’s teeth, or have them cleaned regularly. Just make sure that your pet always has a good supply of grass hay, as well as plenty of safe, suitable chew toys. Ask your vet for specific advice on t.


You’ll need to brush your furry friend once or twice a week. This will capture any dead fur or dander they have in the brush before it gets stuck to things. You’ll need a comb with narrow teeth, as Guinea pig fur is too fine for wide-toothed combs. Use this time to bond with your pet, and also to check for things like lumps, bumps, or skin trouble. Offer a yummy treat after!


For the most part, you shouldn’t have to bathe your Guinea pig. However, if your furry little pal gets something on their fur, you may need to. Put a rubber mat or towel in a sink, and add a few inches of warm water. You can use any gentle Guinea pig shampoo, or Dawn dish detergent. Use a sink sprayer for rinsing. Make sure you get all the suds! When bath time is over, wrap your little buddy in a soft towel.

Do you have questions or concerns about Guinea pig care? Contact us, your Omaha, NE animal clinic, today!