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Fun Facts About Scooby Doo

September 1, 2022

September 13th is Scooby Doo Day! The iconic animated cartoon dog has been charming people with his clumsy charades and love for snacks for several decades now, and it doesn’t look like his fame will be fading anytime soon. A Bennington, NE vet exposes some mysterious facts about the lovable cartoon canine below.

Great Dane

Scooby Doo is actually supposed to be a Great Dane. Or, perhaps a Terrible Dane. Show creator Iwao Takamoto consulted a Great Dane breeder before designing the animated sleuth. He got a detailed list of all the traits a high-quality Great Dane was supposed to have … and then drew a dog with exactly none of them. Scooby’s composition, markings, and even color are all wrong … which only makes us love him more.

The Name Game

The name Scooby Doo is absolutely perfect for the snack-loving pup. However, owner Shaggy can’t really take credit for coming up with it. The name was inspired by one of Frank Sinatra’s ‘doo-be-doo-be-doo’ lines in the song Strangers In The Night. The song wasn’t the only origin for the now-iconic pup’s moniker, though: it also appeared in a 1953 movie and in a song by another famous cartoon group, The Archies. Plus, the term ‘Skooby-doo’ is actually Cockney slang for ‘clue.’

Date Night

In case you were wondering why September 13th is Scooby Doo Day, it’s because the animated show debuted on that date, way back in 1968. In 2019, Warner Brothers went all-out in celebrating the show’s 50th year, and hosted events, games, and other celebrations to honor the gang’s reaching that major milestone.


The Scooby Doo gang has definitely gone through some changes over the years. The show was originally titled Mysteries Five, and was pitched as more of a haunted-house affair. As for Scooby, well, he started out as a bongo-playing pup named Too Much.


We all know Scooby as the beloved animated sleuth, but that isn’t the only job he’s held down. The iconic pup has also worked as a carnival owner, racecar driver, freelance journalist, gym teacher, and actor. (There’s no official records as to how much of his salary went to Scooby snacks, but we suspect it was probably more than his vet would approve of.)

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