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Fluffy’s Cutest Holiday Traditions

December 1, 2022

The holiday hustle and bustle has officially begun! As you prepare for the year’s events, your feline buddy will be right there with you, doing what cats do best: being adorable and getting in the way. Actually, Fluffy has a few traditions of her own! A local Omaha, NE vet lists some of the cutest ones in this article.

Wreaking Havoc

Attacking Christmas trees is at the top of the list here, and with good reason. Even lazy kitties perk up at the sight of what to them looks like a welcoming cat tower hung with cat toys! While Fluffy’s antics have made for some funny pictures and memories, they can be dangerous. It’s best to take a few steps to curb her ambitions. First and foremost? Get a sturdy base. Put most of the decorations, including anything small or sharp, on the top two-thirds of the tree.

Enjoy New Things

Don’t forget to fill your furry friend’s stocking! Catnip, toys, and treats are of course the ultimate gifts for our feline pals. Fluffy may also enjoy a new bed, scratching post, kitty tower, or window seat.

Sleeping On Suitcases

Whether you’re traveling yourself, or having visitors over for the holidays, don’t be surprised if you find your furball smugly parked on—or in—a suitcase. This one is definitely in the kitty rulebook!

Helping With Giftwrapping

Kitties may seem a bit self-centered, but they truly do appreciate the love, care, food, toys, catnip, lap space, and napping spots we offer them. Your feline friend may try to show her appreciation by ‘assisting’ you with some of your holiday preparations. (Fluffy probably isn’t particularly helpful, but it’s the thought that counts.)

Chair Theft

Have you ever gotten up for something, only to find your kitty relaxing in your spot when you get back? We’re not sure if Fluffy is thoughtfully keeping your place warm, or just blatantly stealing it, but this is pretty adorable either way.

Box Theft

As soon as everyone has opened their gifts, your furry little pal will immediately commandeer some of those empty boxes and gift bags. This is a very important kitty tradition!

Posing For Pictures

We just never get tired of seeing cute cat pictures. Fluffy often manages to be extra adorable at this time of year!

Happy Holidays! As your Omaha, NE veterinary clinic, we’re here to help. Call us anytime!