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Fido’s Secret Superpowers

June 1, 2018

Dogs are very special animals: they’re smart, loyal, lovable, funny, and, most of all, adorable. Fido actually has some astonishing traits. In fact, our canine pals may have a few more abilities than they are letting on. Here, an Omaha, NE vet discusses Fido’s secret superpowers.

Amazing Hearing Ability

Has your pet ever stumped you by bouncing up out of a dead sleep at the sound of a food wrapper opening? Fido can also return from doggy dreamland in a split second if you are in the area where his treats are kept!

Sleep Stretch

We’ve done some independent studies, and have more or less come to the conclusion that dogs can expand to roughly three times their normal size when sleeping beside their owners in bed. That’s amazing!

Shedding Ability

Another one of Man’s Best Friend’s remarkable skills is his ability to shed fur in precise locations. Your cute pet will always leave the biggest amount of fur on the piece of clothing or furniture that will show it the most!


Many of our canine patients know what the word Bath means, and may bolt for their favorite hiding spots as soon as they hear it. If you resort to spelling out the dreaded B-word, don’t be surprised if your pup picks up on it!

Acting Skills

Fido can be very, very theatrical when he wants to be. Our furry buddies have absolutely perfected the sad-puppy face that is the most effective at getting us to fork over yummy snacks at dinner. Plus, they’re great at making us think they really, really, really need a walk, when actually they just want to sniff some grass. Last but not least, dogs are also pretty good at looking innocent when they have done something wrong.

Doggy Support

Does your four-legged buddy stick close to you when he knows you’re feeling stressed or down? Fido has a special way of sensing when something is wrong. Your pet may show his support in some very adorable and touching ways. He may put a paw on your leg, bring you a toy in the hopes of cheering you up with a fun play session, cuddle up to you, or just lean against you.

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