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Feline Obesity

September 1, 2016

Did you know that over half of our feline friends are overweight or obese? Your kitty may look cute if she’s a bit round, but that extra weight can cause some very serious health problems! Read on as a local Omaha, NE vet discusses feline obesity.

Health Risks

Cats that are overweight or obese have increased risks of developing several medical problems, including heart trouble, diabetes, respiratory issues, liver problems, kidney issues, and bone/joint problems, such as arthritis. Chubby kitties also have greater risks of having complications after surgery, and/or reproductive difficulties.

Keeping Fluffy Fit

You probably won’t have much luck getting Fluffy to run laps around the table, so you may need to trick your pet into staying active. Offer your furball fun pieces of kitty furniture to climb and play on. Cat towers are great, as they really promote activity. You’ll also want to keep your feline buddy’s toy box full, and take time to play with her every day. Even spending a few minutes chasing the dot from a laser pointer will be beneficial.

Feeding The Furball

Your cat’s diet plays a very important role in her health and weight. Get your feline friend the best food you can afford, but don’t overindulge her. Portion size is also important. Even giving Fluffy just a few extra calories a day can cause her to gain a pound a year. That’s a lot for a little furball! It’s worth noting that kitties who only eat dry food may be more prone to weight gain that those who get canned food. This is because many kibble formulas, especially low quality ones, have high amounts of carbs. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including serving sizes, suitable snacks, and feeding schedules.

Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Crash diets are just as bad for pets as they are for people. If you know or suspect that your kitty needs to slim down, consult your vet before making any changes to her diet. A sudden decrease in caloric intake can wreak havoc with Fluffy’s metabolism, and can make her very sick! Just like people, cats need to lose weight slowly in order to slim down without compromising their health.

Do you have a furry little butterball on your hands? Contact us, your local Omaha, NE veterinary clinic, anytime! We are here to provide your pet with the best veterinary care around!