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Doggy Dental Issues

February 15, 2016

Your pet’s oral health is very important to his overall health and well-being. Just like people, dogs can develop a wide variety of dental troubles. Dental problems can lead or contribute to many health issues in our canine friends, and are just as painful for Man’s Best Friend as they are for us. Read on as a Bennington, NE veterinarian discusses dental problems in dogs.

Common Dental Trouble

Our canine pals can be afflicted by many of the same types of dental problems as people can. Some common doggy dental woes include broken, misaligned, or cracked teeth; infections; and abscesses. Gum disease is also not uncommon in our four-legged friends. In fact, by some estimates, over 80% of our canine buddies have this serious affliction. While gum disease is painless and asymptomatic in its early stages, as it develops, it can contribute to many serious medical issues, including heart disease and liver problems. This is because the infection can be carried through your pet’s bloodstream to his major organs.

Warning Signs

Bad breath is one of the most common warning signs of dental problems in our canine pals. Some other symptoms include stringy, bloody, or excessive drool; reduced appetite; slower eating; lack of interest in chewing and playing; and visible tartar buildup or swelling. Fido may not want you to touch his mouth if his teeth hurt. He could also get a bit grumpy. Contact your vet right away if you see any of these red flags in your pet. Once your vet has examined your furry buddy, you’ll be able to discuss specific treatment options, which may range from a simple cleaning to extraction.

Doggy Dental Care

Brushing your pup’s teeth is a great way to keep those choppers healthy. You’ll want to start by simply rubbing Fido’s teeth and gums with your finger, so he gets used to having his mouth handled. Next, you’ll add a bit of pet toothpaste. The last stage is to use a pet toothbrush. Even if you only do a few teeth a day, your pooch will benefit from the care. Dental treats, chews, and kibble; chew toys; and fresh water can also help keep your pup’s teeth and mouth healthy.

Is your dog overdue for a dental exam? Contact us, your Bennington, NE animal clinic, anytime! We are here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.