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Cute Ways To Pamper A Guinea Pig

February 1, 2023

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? Congratulations! You’ve chosen a very cute little pet. Guinea pigs are easy to care for, but it takes more than food and a comfy cage to keep your furry friend really happy. Read on as a local Omaha, NE vet lists some cute ways to pamper a cavy.

Comfy Cage

Many of the cages sold in pet stores as Guinea pig habitats are actually too small. If you have two cavies, you’ll need to provide your tiny buddies with at least 10 square feet of space. The more furballs you have, the more room they’ll need.

Box Castle

This one is a cute kids’ project. Of course, your furry buddy may eat his house, so you’ll need to remove things like tape, staples, string, or stickers first. 


Cavies are actually quite playful! Have some fun with your tiny pet. You can try different games. Try dragging a cat toy around before your pint-sized buddy, or make him an itty-bitty race track to run around. 


Cozies, as the word suggests, are little beds or mini-houses for small pets. Many of them look like tiny tent beds. These are very popular with Guinea pigs, as these guys love to snuggle up in small, safe places. You can buy them, but you can also make your own. 


Guinea pigs should never live alone. They are very sociable, and get quite lonely and depressed if they don’t have a buddy to hang out with. If you only have one cavy, then you may want to consider getting your pet a roomie. (Note: you should only house same-sex pets together. Otherwise, you might find yourself with more furballs than you bargained for!)


Did you know that cavies can learn some really cute tricks? You may be able to teach your little friend to turn in circles, come when called, or even jump through hoops! This is also a great way to bond with your cavy, and just spend time with him! 


Guinea pigs are much more affectionate than the typical pocket pet. Spend time with your furry friend every day. Talk to him, pet him, play with him, and let him snuggle with you. Tiny pets need love, too! 

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