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Cute Ways To Herd Cats

December 15, 2021

December 15th, is a pretty important holiday for our feline pals: it’s International Cat Herders Day! Of course, this may sound like a bit of a kitty conundrum at first. After all, nobody has really successfully herded cats. Or have they? Turns out, we can offer a few ‘petucated’ guesses on this. An Omaha, NE vet cracks the secret code to herding Fluffy and her pals in this article.


We all know that our feline overlords can’t resist empty boxes. If you put a box down, your pet will probably make a beeline for it. (Note: whether or not Fluffy is actually able to fit in the box is irrelevant.)


Kitties love finding warm places to snooze. Fluffy can often be found charging her ‘catteries’ in bright, sunny spots. If there’s an area of your home that gets a lot of sun in the morning, there’s a good chance your furball will herd herself to it.

Can Openers

While today’s furballs may be more used to pop tops than can openers, it wasn’t very long ago that our feline pals came running at the mere sound of a can opener. Nowadays, Fluffy may come running if you open the cupboard her treats are in.

Laser Pointers

Fluffy has been trying to catch that elusive red dot for decades now. She really hasn’t had much luck, but she ‘purrsists’ anyway. Try aiming that little spot of light in the direction you want your pet to go. It just might work!

Fetch (Or not)

If you toss one of Fluffy’s toys down the hall, she’ll instinctively run after it. Some cats, such as the Bengal, may even bring it back to you for another round!

Kitchen Pots

This one should probably count as reverse herding. If you bang two pots together, or even just make noise putting kitchenware away, you’ll probably notice your furball hightailing it out of the room at top kitty speed. Cats hate loud noises! (This isn’t really a shock, given that they spend the majority of their time sleeping.)


Fun and games aside, the best way to get Fluffy to go somewhere is to form a great bond with her. Many of our feline patients follow their humans around like meowing, adorable little shadows!

Happy Holidays from Omaha Animal Medical Group, your Omaha, NE pet hospital. Contact us anytime!