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Cuddly Kitten Day

March 15, 2022

There are some pretty adorable pet holidays on the calendar, but one of the cutest is coming up soon. March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day! While most animals are super cute as babies, cats are pretty much impossibly adorable. And, as it turns out, cuddling little Fluffy is good for you both! A local Omaha, NE vet discusses kitty cuddles below.


Cuddling with your furry pal can be very beneficial for both of you. For Fluffy, it can help her feel safe and loved, both of which are very important. As easy as it is to joke about how aloof cats are, the truth is our feline buddies are actually very emotional. If your pet is still a kitten, handling, holding, and petting her will also be important for her socialization. If you want little Fluffy to grow up to be friendly and affectionate, you’ll need to gain her trust early on. Of course, there are also benefits to you. Hugging or holding a purring cat is very relaxing. As it turns out, this can also be very helpful for those dealing with stress or anxiety.


There aren’t many rules when it comes to kitty cuddles, but there are a few. Rule Number One? Never force attention on Fluffy. It’s really important for her to trust you, and that means letting her come to you. This is especially crucial with kittens and newly-adopted cats. Rule Number Two would be to always let your furball go when she decides she’s had enough. While there is no official third rule, we suspect that Fluffy would insist that she be provided cuddles and attention on demand, at all times. That may be a bit much, but it is important to pay lots of attention to her!


If you have little kids, you can definitely include them in your celebrations. This can be a great time to teach children about the do’s and don’ts of hugging and petting cats. Keep a close eye on them, and make sure they understand to be gentle with Fluffy, and never force attention on her. This can also make for some super cute photos. There are few things more adorable than seeing kids snuggling up with their feline friends!

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