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Celebrating Wolfenoot

November 15, 2021

Have you ever heard of Wolfenoot? This is a new holiday coming up on November 23rd … and it’s already gone to the dogs! This very ‘pawspicious’ occasion was created fairly recently by a little boy in New Zealand to celebrate wolves, dogs, and those who have been kind to them. Here, an Omaha, NE vet offers some advice on celebrating Wolfenoot.

Treasure Hunt

Wolfenoot hasn’t been around for long, so this isn’t exactly a long-lived tradition. However, we’re happy to help set it on the path to becoming one! The first order of business? Hide goodies for people who have been kind to dogs. These don’t have to be anything expensive: small trinkets will do nicely. You can also get your canine buddy in on the fun by setting out some things for him to sniff out as well.


No holiday is complete without a special feast! For Wolfenoot, the menu should contain lots of red meat, in recognition of wolves’ natural diets. Of course, vegetarians can always opt for veggie burgers or something similar. For dessert? A round cake decorated with white and/or yellow frosting to resemble a full moon.


Do you have little ones? There’s a Wolfenoot storybook to read to them from. This tells the story of the Spirit of The Wolf. You can purchase the book online at the official Wolfenoot website here.


After dinner, relax by watching a wolf-or dog-themed movie. There definitely are plenty of classics to choose from! Call of the Wild is a great one. Some other options include A Dog’s Purpose, Spot, 101 Dalmatians, Togo, Lady And The Tramp, and White Fang, to name just a few.

Sharing The Spirit

At the end of the day, the best way to celebrate Wolfenoot is to honor its original intent by showing appreciation to those who have been kind to animals. One way to do this is to help out local animal shelters and rescues. Donations are always welcome, but you may also want to try your hand at volunteering or even fostering. Of course, the ultimate option here would be to adopt a dog. That is a huge decision, though, and not one you’d want to take lightly.

Have A Howling Wolfenoot! (That’s the official greeting, by the way.) Do you have questions about dog care? Contact us, your local Omaha, NE animal clinic, today!