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    My cat lives totally indoors, never goes outside, even on an enclosed porch.
    I feed the stray cats in the neighborhood.
    My cat never sits in an open window or is exposed to the outside.
    My cat is declawed.
    My home or apartment has a chimney. Please describe the type of screen in front of your chimney.
    My cat loves to sit on the screened-in porch or on the sill in front of an open window. The porch or window is
    located on the
    My cat stays in the backyard at all times.
    My cat is outdoors only, never coming indoors.
    My cat loves to roam the neighborhood.
    My cat is indoors most of the time and only goes outside in the backyard.
    I remove ticks from my cat
    My cat gets into fights with
    My cat visits or lives on a farm or other rural facility
    My cat goes to the groomer.
    A groomer comes to my premises to groom my cat.
    My cat has tested positive for feline leukemia or feline AIDS in the past.
    My cat was purchased from a pet store.
    If yes, store name:
    My cat was purchased from the humane society.
    My cat was adopted from a private household (not a breeder).
    My cat was a stray.
    My cat was purchased from a breeder.
    If yes, registered name:
    My cat boards when we go on vacation.
    My cat travels with me with we go on vacation.
    A pet sitter comes to my house when we go away on vacation.
    My cat is afraid of:
    Other Cats:
    My cat is afraid to visit the veterinary hospital.
    I or someone in my family experiences chemotherapy, diabetes, or another immune suppressive
    How important is your pet's health to you?
    How important is it to you that your pet is not in pain?