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Bringing Your New Bunny Home

February 1, 2022

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Bunny Month? There’s no bad time to adopt one of these adorable furballs. However, we’re ‘hoppy’ to see rescue bunnies getting their turn in the spotlight. A local Omaha, NE vet discusses Floppy’s Gotcha Day in this article.

Be Prepared

Before you pick your pet up, you want to have Floppy’s cage ready and waiting for her, and in the spot where it’s going to stay. Make sure that the cage you buy (or build) is large enough. Your furry pal will need plenty of room to stand up, hop, stretch, and play without touching the top or sides. You’ll need to add grass hay, a water bowl or bottle, a litterbox, and a hide for your pet to retreat to. Don’t forget to add some chew toys and a comfy bed!


Proper nutrition is very important, but sudden menu changes can make pets sick. This is especially concerning with bunnies, as they can’t vomit if they get an upset stomach. Find out what Floppy has been eating, and get that exact same food to start. Talk to your vet before making changes.

The Car Ride

Fido may love car rides, but Floppy isn’t a fan. Being in a moving vehicle is very stressful for bunnies! Go straight home, and try to avoid sharp turns, bumps, and quick stops or starts. Make sure to keep the climate control on!

Coming Home

We know, rabbits are ridiculously cute. However, you’re going to have to resist the urge to pet or handle Floppy until she is settled in. Give her about two days to get used to her new home before you try to handle her. During this time, you should only reach into the cage to give your new pet food and water. Normally, you’ll need to remove waste daily, but for now it’s best to leave it. The scent will help your furry buddy come to associate her new cage as home. It’s also very important for your bunny to feel safe in her new digs. If you have a dog, keep Fido away, at least for now. Use this time to read up on bunny care, and schedule a meet-and-greet with the vet.

Do you have questions or concerns about your bunny’s health or care? Contact us, your Omaha, NE local animal clinic, today!