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Swimming With Fido

The dog days of summer are officially here! Many people like to cool off on hot days by heading for a pool or lake. Our …
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Fighting Fleas

Have you ever noticed your pet scratching and discovered that your furry pal has fleas? These tiny, disgusting little monsters can cause some serious problems …
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Caring for a Small Dog

Do you have a pint-sized pooch? Little dogs are super cute! Many smaller breeds were bred to be companion dogs, and are very lovable and …
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Kittenproofing Tips

Has a baby cat just joined your household? Good for you! You are certainly in for a lot of adorable moments. Kittens are almost impossibly …
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Fido’s Fitness Routine

Does your canine buddy playful and full of energy? Or do you have a furry couch potato on your hands? Making sure Fido gets proper …
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Signs of Sickness in Cats

Kitties are very opinionated little furballs. Your cat may make it very clear when she wants you to pet her, or stop petting her. Fluffy …
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