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Brownish patch Odie dog laying siilly upside

Odie Day

There’s a new pet holiday on the calendar: August 8th is Odie Day! Odie, of course, is the canine roommate of one of the world’s …
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White hairy dog carried by a boy in brown polo while hirking on a trail

Taking Fido On Trails

Do you enjoy hiking? Many of our canine pals love exploring new places with their human friends. Taking Fido out on the trail can be …
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Dark gray cat with ears standing up near a blue flower

Kitty Work Qualifications

Take Your Cat To Work Day is June 20th! Of course, Fluffy may not seem like very good candidates for most jobs. Actually, she’d probably …
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Five brown rabbits sharing on one carrot

Keeping Your Rabbit Cool

Summer is coming up quick! This can be a dangerous time of year for bunnies. Rabbits are very vulnerable to overheating, as they can only …
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Blackish Terrier on a grassy field

Lyme Disease In Dogs

Tick populations have increased dramatically in many areas over the last few years. This is very concerning, as ticks can carry several dangerous diseases. One …
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White with brown patches guinea pig on a red cart

Grooming A Guinea Pig

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? Guinea pigs are quite charming little pets. They’re a bit bigger than hamsters and gerbils, and do need …
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Black adult Doberman giving a high-five to a lady

Kids And Pets Day

April 26th is Kids and Pets Day! There are some wonderful advantages to growing up with pets. Pets can help teach kids about compassion, friendship, …
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