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Autumn Pet Safety Tips

October 15, 2018

Autumn is here! Every season has its own concerns and dangers for pet parents to be aware of, and fall is no different! Read on as an Omaha, NE vet discusses autumn pet safety.

Outdoor Hazards

Chemicals are one of the main concerns for pets at this time of year. Many people fill their cars with antifreeze in fall. Antifreeze is extremely toxic to pets. It’s even more dangerous because it has a taste many animals like. Put sand or kitty litter on any stains or damp spots. Lawn/garden products are also poisonous to pets, are as pesticides, rodenticides, and herbicides. Toxic plants and mushrooms are another concern: many late-blooming plants are not safe for pets. Wild animals are dangerous as well. As the weather cools, many will be looking for places to hibernate, and may be more aggressive than usual. You may also find critters hiding under piles of leaves. We recommend keeping cats indoors. As for Fido, watch him closely when he’s outside.


Keep that candy dish away from your pet! Many of those sweets contain things like chocolate, nuts, and raisins, which are toxic to pets. We also recommend keeping your pet indoors as much as possible around the autumn holiday, because of the dangers posed by both increased traffic and pranksters. If you get a lot of trick-or-treaters, put your furry pal in a quiet back room, with food, toys, and comfy bedding, when the doorbell starts to ring.

Preparing For Winter

As you start pulling your winter things out of storage, keep your furry friend in mind. If Fido has thin fur, he may need a doggy jacket to keep him warm on cold days. As for Fluffy, make sure she has lots of warm, comfy beds. We also recommend getting some pet-safe de-icing products. If your canine pal has a doghouse, make sure it is clean and well-insulated, and raised off the ground a little.


Many seasonal decorative items are dangerous to pets. You don’t want Fido knocking a jack-o-lantern over, or eating fake spiderwebs! Candles and potpourri burners should be kept in high, secure spots, well out of paws’ reach. Wreaths and garlands can present choking hazards, as can many smaller decorations. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Omaha, NE vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!