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Adorable Ways Your Dog Begs For Attention

March 1, 2023

Dogs are remarkably loyal, loving, and affectionate. They really want nothing more than to be with their humans … preferably collecting cuddles and belly rubs 24/7. While we can’t spend all our time scratching our canine buddies’ necks and rubbing their foreheads, many of them clearly wish we would. Actually, Fido has some pretty charming ways of requesting love and pets. An Omaha, NE vet lists some of the cuter ones below.

Paw On The Leg

Dogs are very communicative in their own way. Fido may put his paw on your leg if he wants to let you know he would like ear scritches, forehead rubs, or perhaps have his back scratched a bit. Your pup may also do this to show support if he senses you’re upset.

Soulful Stare

Fido may just look at you with that expressive look. Those sad eyes can be hard to resist. (This of course is also a way to request food or treats.) 

Playtime Request

Does your pooch sometimes approach you, holding his favorite toy? Indulge these adorable requests for doggy playtime!

Belly Flop

This isn’t just a cute way to ask for pets, it’s also a sign of trust. That furry belly is Fido’s most vulnerable area, and he’ll only expose it if he feels safe.

Head Bonk

This may be one of the more direct methods Fido uses to ask for attention. Your canine bff may just shove his head under your hand in a not-very-subtle demand for love.


Sometimes pups will sit on their hind legs, almost like a chipmunk, and put their paws on their humans’ legs. This is common in small dogs. If you have a little pooch, consider teaching Fido to do this when he wants to be picked up. This can be a helpful way for your furry buddy to communicate if he feels frightened or overwhelmed.


Dogs speak in several ways: they may bark, whine, or howl to get their points across. Puppies, for instance, often whine when left alone at night. Fido may speak up to let you know that he’s feeling lonely. Your canine pal may also vocalize when left home alone … possibly as a way to let you know where he is.

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