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7 Adorable Things Dogs Do

April 1, 2018

Dogs may be known first and foremost for their loyalty, but Fido has many other great traits as well. He is playful, intelligent, lovable, and, of course, super cute. Man’s Best Friend definitely has a special way of making us chuckle with his funny antics. While every pooch has their own unique habits, our canine pals do share some adorable traits. Here, an Omaha, NE vet lists a few ways dogs put smiles on our faces.

The Tail Wag

There are few things more adorable than a happy dog that is enthusiastically wagging his tail. Your pup may wag so furiously that his hips shake! In fact, Fido has been known to smack things so hard with his tail that he injures it! (This type of injury, appropriately enough, is known as Happy Tail.)

The Happy Dance

Does Fido jump for joy when you walk in the door? It’s always wonderful to know there is someone who just can’t wait for you to get home!

The Innocent/Guilty Look

Dogs are great friends and companions, but they aren’t perfect. Fido has a few bad habits, such as chewing shoes, getting into the trash, and destroying couch cushions. Of course, your canine friend will immediately know he’s been busted, and will respond with an adorable look of shame.

The Playtime Request

Does your four-legged buddy ever run up to you, holding his favorite toy? This adorable request for puppy playtime is almost impossible to refuse! Take time to play with Fido every day. This will provide your pooch with both exercise and mental stimulation. It will be fun for you, too!


We can’t officially condone begging: it is bad petiquette. However, we do have to admit that Fido can be pretty cute when he puts on that sad-puppy-dog stare. It’s fine to offer your pet treats, but don’t overindulge him!

Itch Delight

Does your pup close his eyes in pure bliss when you help him get that pesky itch he can’t reach? Or maybe Fido automatically thumps his leg when you scratch his belly. It’s hard not to smile at these lovable doggy habits!

Head Tilt

Another one of Fido’s adorable habits is his way of tilting his head when you say something. It’s almost as though he’s asking a question!

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