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Things That Are Impossible to Accomplish Around Cats

April 15, 2018

If you have a kitty, you’ve probably noticed that our feline friends can be a bit nosy at times. Fluffy likes to keep a close eye on her humans! While it is certainly cute that cats pay such close attention to us, at times these little furballs aren’t quite as helpful as they think they are. Read on as an Omaha, NE vet lists some things that are hard to get done around kitties.

Pack For A Trip

Cats love small spaces. Theoretically, they feel safe and cozy in enclosed places. However, we’re not entirely sure whether or not that is why our feline pals just cannot resist jumping into open suitcases! Maybe this is Fluffy’s way of reprimanding you for leaving her behind.

Change Bedsheets

It’s very easy to forget that our cute little housepets are actually fierce predators by nature. One time when Fluffy’s killer instincts always come out? When you’re making your bed. Kitties love to pounce and jump on the ‘blanket monster!’

Wrap Gifts

Does your furball try to lend a helping paw as you’re wrapping gifts? Fluffy’s assistance probably is nowhere near as beneficial as she thinks!

Open, Close, or Pack Boxes

Fluffy’s box obsession may be one of her cutest quirks. However, if you are trying to pack or unpack anything in a box, you may to pry your furball out of said box. Cats just can’t stop themselves from hopping into open boxes!

Have Privacy

Kitties are nothing if not curious. However, Fluffy’s inquisitive streak can be a bit bothersome at times. Your furball may follow you from room to room as you go around the house. She may even trail you into the bathroom!


Cats seem to have some mysterious kitty law that compels them to interrupt reading sessions. Fluffy may sprawl out on a magazine or newspaper, or try to claw your book out of your hand. Perhaps our pets just think our time would be much better spent paying attention to them?

Do Anything Involving Yarn

Fluffy can’t stop herself from pouncing on anything with dangling strings or threads. Just be sure to store yarn out of paw’s reach. You don’t want your furball getting tangled up!

Please call us, your Omaha, NE pet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!