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6 Reasons To Adopt A Mutt

July 15, 2022

Mutt Day is coming up on July 31st! This is a wonderful time to celebrate mixed breed dogs. In fact, some of our favorite patients are mutts! If you’re considering getting a new pup, you may want to think about adopting a mutt. These lovable pups make wonderful pets. Here, an Omaha, NE vet lists some reasons to consider getting one.

Lower Cost

There’s a lot to love about purebreds, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of pooch. However, you can expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a pedigreed pup. Mutts are much easier on the wallet. More money for treats and dog toys!

Healthier Pets

Purebreds often become susceptible to specific health issues, because they have such a small gene pool. Of course, breed isn’t the only thing that factors in when it comes to Fido’s health. Age, diet, and lifestyle also figure in. That said, mutts do tend to be healthier and hardier overall.

Unique Pup

One great thing about having a mutt? Your canine pal won’t look like any other dog. There’s a lot to be said for having a pet with his own unique look. Actually, many mutts are absolutely adorable!

They Need Love Too

Did you know that the majority of dogs in shelters are mutts? Many of them have a hard time getting adopted. Don’t be surprised if Fido decides that you’re the best thing in the universe. Mutts can be extremely loving and loyal. What more could you want?

Take A Bite Out Of Puppy Mills

You’ve likely heard of puppy mills and the horrific conditions many of them keep pets in. We’re thrilled to see rising awareness about this issue, and the growing public anger over it. That isn’t to say that all breeders are bad: there are some wonderful ones out there. However, when you adopt a mutt, you’ll know you aren’t supporting an unscrupulous backyard breeder. That is definitely something to feel good about!

Tail Wags

Our canine pals truly fill our lives and homes with love and joy. Fido may look like a doggy version of Mr. Potatohead, or a furry, barking Yoda/Chewbacca lovechild, but he’ll still melt your heart with his loyalty and adorable antics!

As your Omaha, NE animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top notch care. Please feel free to call us anytime!