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Tricks Your Cat Teaches You

September 15, 2022
September 30th is Pet Tricks Day! Of course, we usually associate pet tricks with dogs, and assume that we’re the ones doing the teaching. However, our feline friends also have something to celebrate: the things they teach us to do. As it turns out, many kitties have their humans wrapped around their little paws! An Omaha, NE veterinarian lists a few things that Fluffy trains us to do in this article.

Food On Demand

This is the big one. Kitties can be very, very meowpulative. It’s hard to resist that adorable furry face. However, it’s important to let your vet, not your pet, determine how much food goes into that bowl every day. If you let Fluffy decide, it probably won’t take long before your furball turns into a butterball!

Door Service

We recommend keeping kitties in. Most of this is for safety reasons: Fluffy is definitely better off staying in. However, it’s also worth pointing out that our feline overlords can be pretty demanding when it comes to being let in or out. Your pet may meow at the door until you open it … just so she can check the weather and decide it’s not to her liking. Ten minutes later, she’ll try again.

Reward Us For Killing Things

Many of us would prefer that our feline buddies leave this one to the past, but kitty hunting skills are still appreciated in many places, particularly on farms and in rural areas. Fluffy clearly still expects rewards for her efforts!


Kitties have some pretty adorable ways of requesting playtime. Fluffy sometimes brings toys to her humans. She may also pounce on your shoes, or ambush you as you walk past.

Move Over

Kitties often like to snuggle up with us at night, which is always pretty cute. It can be pretty relaxing when your furry pal curls up beside you, warm and purring. (Of course, it isn’t quite as soothing when Fluffy decides to claw you until you move over, or smack you to get you to turn a certain way.)


Cats often yell at us when they want food, but they aren’t shy about asking for attention, either. Fluffy may rub against your legs, follow you around, jump into your lap, or hop onto your desk. As your local Omaha, NE animal clinic, we are here to help. Contact us anytime!
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