World Pet Memorial Day

Did you know that June 12th is World Pet Memorial Day? One of the hardest things that pet parents must face is that heartbreaking moment when you have to say goodbye to a beloved furry friend forever. Losing a cherished pet can be absolutely devastating emotionally. After all, our animal companions not only brighten our days with their cute antics and loving cuddles, they provide unconditional love, unwavering devotion, and absolute loyalty. These are all precious gifts, which truly help enrich and fulfill our lives. This somber occasion is a wonderful time to do something to memorialize a beloved pet. A local West Omaha, NE vet offers some suggestions for creating pet memorials in this article.


Photo collages are another great way to honor a four-legged friend. Choose some of your favorite photos of your pet throughout the years. You can also get a digital photo frame, and upload photos of your pet to that.


A scrapbook can be a wonderful way to honor your pet. Include some of your favorite photos, as well as your furbaby’s paperwork. You can also include a few mementos, such as a collar, leash, or toy.


Consider planting trees or flowers in your pet’s memory. You can even make a small memorial garden. Decorate some plant pots or flat stones with paw prints and/or your furry friend’s name to personalize it and make it more attractive.


Our furry friends can be very photogenic. Consider hiring a local artist to turn a cute photo into a portrait. You can also experiment with photo-editing software, and try different effects. Once you have the final product, display it in a nice frame.

Paying It Forward

While no other animal can truly replace your pet, there are still countless numbers of homeless pets that need help. Consider making a memorial donation to a local animal rescue or charity in your pet’s name. You can also donate some of your pet’s things. If you want to do something that’s a bit more hands-on, consider volunteering or even fostering. Knowing that you’ve helped animals in need may make you feel better.

If you have recently lost a cherished pet, please accept condolences from all of us here at your West Omaha, NE animal hospital. We are animal lovers ourselves, and understand how hard it can be to lose a furry best friend.

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