Bunnyproofing Tips

Have you recently adopted a bunny? If so, you’ve certainly chosen an adorable pet! Bunnies are not only super cute, they are also very lovable and fun. These little furballs do have some specific care needs, however. One thing that is very important for bunny owners to understand is that Floppy has a very strong need to chew. If your furry friend can’t wear her teeth down by nibbling on things, she could develop painful dental problems. Therefore, you’ll need to do a bit of bunnyproofing. In this article, an Omaha, NE vet offers some advice on bunnyproofing your home.

Dangerous Items

Toxic plants, chemicals, wires, cords, and medications can all be very dangerous to your cute pet. Remove or secure these things, so Floppy can’t reach them. You’ll also want to remove anything small enough to present a choking hazard, as well as any sharp items that could potentially cut your bunny.


To keep Floppy from destroying your carpet, use a baby gate or puppy pen to define her play zone, and put mats down in that area.

Open Spaces

Bunnies often like to get into the spaces behind and beneath counters, cabinets, and furniture. Block these off with storage totes, boxes, boards, or other objects.


Furniture legs can make very tempting targets for bunnies! Baseboards, closet doors, and cabinets can also be quite inviting for Floppy. Use protective coverings to stop your furry buddy from chewing these things.

Personal Items

Open closets can seem like a playground to Floppy. Always keep your closet doors closed. Also, be sure to pick up shoes, purses, and other personal belongings.


Make sure that Floppy always has plenty of fresh grass hay and lots of suitable chew toys. Items made of wood, cardboard, or even paper can make great bunny toys. Just be sure to avoid anything with small pieces or sharp edges, as well as anything covered in varnish, glitter, or paint.


You can actually teach Floppy what she should and shouldn’t chew. When you see your furry pal nibbling on something she shouldn’t, stamp your feet or clap your hands, and tell her ‘No,’ in a disapproving voice. Then, offer her a suitable chew toy, and reward her with praise or compliments for using it.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Call us, your Omaha, NE animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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