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Veterinary Technician

Kelly grew up in North Dakota with her parents and older sister, and often visited her grandfather’s farm as a child. Kelly would constantly be playing with or examining the various dogs, cats, and chickens around the farm—it was clear early on that a career in animal medicine would suit her perfectly! Now, Kelly has been a veterinary professional for over 15 years.

Kelly graduated from the Omaha College of Health Careers in 1999 with her science degree. She worked for a number of pet hospitals around the area until 2015, when she joined the team here at Omaha Animal Medical Group. Kelly is particularly passionate about dental cleanings, laboratory work, and client education—she loves to talk with pet owners about everything from heartworm infestations to routine vaccinations. She’s also fascinated by canine behavior, and is even a registered member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians.

When she isn’t caring for pets here at the clinic or putting together a scrapbook at home, Kelly enjoys spending time with her own animal companions. Along with her high-school sweetheart, Jerad, and her two daughters, Veronica and Paige, Kelly shares her life with two pets: Thor is a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, and Willy is an elderly one-eyed cat.

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Veterinary Assistant

Marissa has been passionate about pets ever since she was a young girl. When she nursed her childhood pony back to health after the poor creature suffered a broken leg, she knew that animal care was the just the thing for her! Marissa is thrilled to begin her professional veterinary journey with the Omaha Animal Medical Group.

An Omaha native, Marissa began taking veterinary technology courses at Iowa Western Community College in the spring of 2016. She signed on here at the hospital in March to supplement her studies with real-world, hands-on experience and couldn’t be happier! Marissa particularly likes indulging in diagnostic work, running laboratory tests, and meeting new pets and their loving owners on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Marissa is an avid equestrian and loves winning blue ribbons at events. She even has two retired show jumpers at home! Marissa also shares her life with a herding dog named Willow and a retriever who goes by Oakley.

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Veterinary Assistant

Having spent time around pets nearly all her life, Kalyn has come to realize that being involved with animals in any way soothes her immensely. For her, forming a bond with a creature that can’t talk back to her is the ultimate reward! Kalyn gets to satisfy her passion for pet care every day as one of Omaha Animal Medical Group’s Veterinary Assistants.

An Omaha native, Kalyn attends the University of Nebraska-Omaha to study biology. Her pet-care career started when she began her own walking and sitting service; before long she was working for over 10 clients! Next, she took a job at a pet spa and resort while also volunteering at a local pet clinic.

Kalyn joined the Omaha Animal Medical Group family in April of 2016, and has been serving the area’s pets and animal owners here ever since. Medically, she’s fond of sitting in on surgeries and learning something new on a daily basis. Kalyn’s favorite part of the job, though, is getting to see pets reunited with their owners and knowing that she’s made a true difference.

When she has time between her school and work schedules, Kalyn likes watching horror films, hiking, kayaking, spending time with friends, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. The family dog, a Shiba-Inu named Sadie, has a very cat-like personality and only comes around when she wants some cuddles; Marley the 60-pound Labrador mix is Kalyn’s own dog, and is the silliest, laziest, and most loyal pet Kalyn has ever known.

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Veterinary Technician

Michael spent over 10 years in the retail management field, but eventually found himself wanting to do something that he felt was more impactful. When he saw an advertisement on television for a veterinary technology program, Michael knew he’d found his answer. A week later, he was signed up for the course!

A native of Omaha, Michael attended Vatterott College’s veterinary program to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. He signed up at a local emergency clinic while finishing school, then stayed on as a Technician upon graduating. Four years later, Michael decided to make the switch to daytime practice in order to have more time with his young daughter. He’s been a member of the Omaha Animal Medical Group family since May of 2015.

Here at the clinic, Michael is a fan of laboratory work and never tires of examining samples under the microscope, mixing chemicals in test tubes, and using diagnostic procedures to find the answers he’s looking for. He’s also passionate about client education, and loves imparting his knowledge in order to help pet owners provide the best care possible to their four-legged friends.

At home, Michael lives with his wife, two daughters, and three cats named Monkey, Kenny, and Ace. When he isn’t spending time with them or tending to pets’ needs here at the clinic, Michael enjoys camping and hiking in the great outdoors, following the news, and discussing politics. He even moderates a small online forum based in Omaha that discusses local politics and day-to-day events!

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Grooming Department Manager

Paulette has adored the company of animals for as long as she can remember—for most of her life, she’s been taking in stray creatures of all sorts. Paulette is the Grooming Department Manager at Omaha Animal Medical Group, and has been serving pets here for over 21 years!

Born and raised here in Omaha, Paulette’s veterinary journey began in 1985 when she took in a raggedy stray dog that she aptly named Rags. After taking Rags to the family veterinarian and getting him healthy again, Paulette began to seek training for the dog. Around the same time, a local community college started offering an obedience-training and grooming program. Rags did so well with his training that the pair began to compete—it didn’t take long for Paulette to sign up for the grooming course so that she could make Rags look his absolute best!

Within a few years, Paulette had opened her own home grooming, pet-sitting, and training business while she continued to show and breed dogs. When a former employee of Omaha Animal Medical Group informed Paulette that the clinic was looking for a groomer, she jumped at the chance! She’s been a member of the clinic family since the summer of 1993.

Paulette has two wonderful daughters and a son, and is also a proud grandparent to five grandchildren. In her time away from work, she still participates in many obedience competitions and showings with her dogs. Paulette also likes singing, listening to music, and giving her time to community service organizations.

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Head Receptionist

Although Christy always had a childhood dream of tending to pets in a veterinary clinic, she was working in the customer service field by the time she was in high school. She enjoyed an almost 20-year career with the Long John Silver’s franchise, but finally decided that she would like to try her hand in the animal-care world. Now, Christy has been serving the pets and animal owners of the area here at Omaha Animal Medical Group for 15 years!

An Omaha native, Christy signed up at another local animal clinic briefly before she saw an advertisement for Omaha Animal Medical Group. She sent in her resume, and fell in love with the facility, staff, and patients as soon as she interviewed in the fall of 2001. The rest is history—Christy has been here ever since! She’s especially fond of interacting directly with animals and their owners, and also enjoys handing out tasty treats to deserving pets.

Outside of work, Christy enjoys bicycling, home improvement, and organizing things around the house. She and her husband own Third Nail Creations, a small business that makes custom metal artwork and figurines. For Christy, the business is a great way to get her creative juices flowing!

Christy and her family live with four dogs—Kody, Cajun, Coloqhoun, and Cassidy—as well as a cockatiel named Frankie who enjoys yelling at the dogs when they get too close to his cage.

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Veterinary Assistant, Kennel Assistant

Marielle has cared for pets for many years—she’s done everything from pet-sitting and boarding to organizing group walks and play sessions. For her, working as a veterinary professional in an animal hospital is the next step in a life-long journey of animal care! She’s proud to serve the area’s pets as a member of the Omaha Animal Medical Group family.

Marielle is originally from New Jersey and also grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was only in the first grade when she began riding horses—she would continue to ride and train, even competing in hunter/jumper and dressage events, until she was 25 years old! Marielle earned an Associate’s degree in fine arts at Burlington County Community College and also holds her Bachelor’s degree in photography from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Here at the clinic, Marielle is particularly fond of helping to calm nervous pets and working alongside her caring, compassionate team members to make an impact in the community. She loves going home at the end of every shift knowing that she’s made a real difference!

In her spare time, Marielle enjoys crafting, dabbling in interior design, and antiquing. She soon hopes to start a small business by repurposing old clothing into dog sweaters, coats, and collars! At home, Marielle and her housemate live with several pets of their own. They have two cats, Marley and Pants; an American bulldog puppy named Mika; and a Staffordshire terrier mix.

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